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We provide residential and commercial moving services.
We do local and long distance moving 365 days a year.

Local Moving

We promise to make your move as efficient and as comfortable as possible. Trust our moving professionals to help organize and sort out your possessions in an orderly fashion. We charge the local move hourly. The rate depends on the numbers of movers. We provide the local moving services whether a single house, an apartment or a studio.

Long Distance

For out-of-state moves, we offer very economical rates because of our unique model. Just as importantly, you get the peace of mind from knowing your household belongings are never out of our care, custody, and control. Get the results you deserve with this quality service, and at an affordable price too.

Packing Services

The absolute key to a great move is insuring everything being moved is protected, safe and secure from carry transport, to truck transport to being placed in the new environment. We understand this and that's why we have dedicated, experienced packing teams who take the time to protect your valuables with the utmost care.

Storage Services

At Northway Transportation Co. keeping your valuables safe and secure during your move is our top priority. If you are looking for a secure place to store your personal belongings while you complete your move then look no further than our high-security storage facilities! Not only will we safely pack your belongings in our high-quality custom wooden crates, we will also store all of your items until you are ready to settle in. Feel free to give us a call.


Depending on your needs, we are ready to organize
a move-key or provide a number of separate services.


We have affordable storage vaults available at our warehouse.


We guarantee that your belongings would be delivered on time.


We provide basic moving insurance for your belongings for free.


We will assist you 24/7 if you have any questions.


We are professional intrastate and interstate moving company.


We equip our trucks with all necessary supplies for free use.


All inclusive rates with no hidden fees.

from $79/ hour

Special off-peak rates

2 Movers & Truck


from $109/ hour

Special off-peak rates

3 Movers & Truck


from $139/ hour

Special off-peak rates

4 Movers & Truck


If you need moving quotes give us a call on (949) 536-9189

About us

We are an independent professional moving and storage company located in Irvine, CA. We are totally committed to providing our customers with top quality furniture, antique, and piano relocation services, as well as assisting with packing, hoisting, and storage needs.

We offer both local and long-distance moving services, but we primarily serve Irvine County and the surrounding area.

Reviews on Yelp

Russell G.

The two guys were professionally attired. I was on time but they were waiting for me at the storage where I kept my stuff. They were professional in disposition. I have moved around a bit, have been robbed, disrespected and had my stuff broken. They renewed my faith in Movers. I met Northway Transportation Co. and will add them to MY LIST! Thank you guys, you are performing a wonderful service at an affordable price.

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Alondra B.

Northway Transportation Co is the best. It's our second time using them to move within 1 year and they were great both times. We did a ton of reading and research it really helps to be organized! The crew is detail-oriented, works together like clockwork and observes safety protocol to protect their bodies from the heavy lifting. We made charts of the rooms and areas in our old house and our new house and labeled each box and item with the room letter so they could tell where the items went when we arrived. Before we started, we gave them instructions and did walkthroughs in both houses to show them where things were and where they went. As our things were brought over, it began to feel more like our own home.

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Micaila R.

They were done in less than the time minimum with three loading spots and one spot to unload. Very friendly, out going and efficient. We had Thomas and David, and they were amazing. They made our move so much easier and faster than we could ever imagine. I would definitely recommend this company to any one. We will be using them any time we ever have to move from now on!

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Paul K.

This time around, I am so glad we found Northway Transportation Co. Northway Transportation moved us from Long Beach to Lake Forest on a Friday. They gave us a rate that was highly competitive and all inclusive. Like the other reviewers stated, no surprises. Everything went very smoothly. They even included wardrobe boxes, packing boxes, blankets, tape, etc. in our hourly rate. The movers seemed to have years of experience and were very safe and professional. They took care of our stuff like it was their own. Also, unlike previous movers, they left the home we were leaving in great condition so that clean-up was easy.

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Jessica G.

Northway Transportation Co. was great. A day or two before the move, I received a call to confirm that all was going according to schedule, and to confirm the exact time window that the movers would arrive 8.30-9.00 On moving day, I received a call from the movers to inform me that they were about 45 minutes away, and they arrived exactly on time. They were very careful with the few boxes I pointed out as being fragile, and there were no damages to any of my belongings. All in all, I had a great experience using Northway Transportation Co. and I wouldn't hesitate to use them again.

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Helena C.

Guys were fantastic. They were short-handed, they were supposed to have an additional mover with them but had a scheduling issue. They worked their hind ends off to get the move done as quickly as possible. From the beginning it was a total pleasure to work with Northway Transportation Co. . Worked their hearts out and moved faster than I thought was possible. BRAVO

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Kelsey R.

The guys showed up around 9am. The guy in charge walked me through the steps and was very informative on the proper way of moving. Once I signed the contract the guys started working and they were great. There were 3 of them so the so the move went pretty fast. They wrapped all of my furniture and took good care of the fragile items. They didn't damage anything the whole move. They were very courteous and professional. I was amazed on how smooth the move went. I would definitely use this company again. If anybody needs a moving company I would definitely recommend this one.

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Eloise L.

Absolutely amazing service! We were moving our large 3500sf household into a storage unit... Crew was on time very nice, professional and worked hard the entire day without any hesitation. They made the experience so much easier and less stressful! We I'll be calling them again in a month to move us out of the storage unit into our new house.

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